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Non-Plastic Warriors Software

The following programs are not made by Plastic Warriors provided here as a convenience.

Farallon Replica Viewer 1.0

Replica is a file format by a company called Farallon, which competed in the early '90s with Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) and lost out to it by the middle of the decade. This makes opening Replica files very difficult today, but with help from Gąska on The Daily WTF, Plastic Warriors have managed to track down and make available a copy of version 1.0 of the viewer for Windows, from 1993.

This has been tested to work under Windows 3.1 and XP, but the last version it works on is unknown — it is reported to not work under Windows 10, however. Chances are good it still works under versions in between XP and 10, but results are not guaranteed. If there is a need to run it, one solution is to install an older version of Windows installation into a virtual machine. (Since Replica apparently uses TrueType fonts, versions of Windows earlier than 3.1 are unlikely to be suitable, as they don't support that type of font.)

Installation instructions: Copy the contents of the zip file to a folder (directory) on the computer. Run the viewer by starting the replica.exe program.

Publisher: Farallon Computing Inc.

Operating System: *Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later

Windows 3.1 |  193 kilobytes